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Vapor Store in Ashburn

44031 Ashburn Village Shopping Center #135

​Ashburn, VA 20147

30 ml - $21.99

50 ml - $26.00

60 ml - $28.00​​


Chew– A mouthwatering pink chewy candy.
Frank Underwood– A sweet jolly candy with a tart razzmatazz.
Fuji Melon– A juicy green apple and strawberry candy with fresh watermelon.
Grittlez– Your favorite bite-sized rainbow candy…mixed with some purple!
Gummy Snakes– Gummy candy with the perfect combination of sweet and sour.

​Integrity – Grape flavor with a trace of sweet and sour to finish.

Leechberry– A blue raspberry and lychee lollipop with a juicy ripe watermelon.
Wonder Worm – Gummy worms laced with sweet tarts.


Mustache Milk - Savory cereal soaked in something sweet.

Tiger Berry  - Scrumptious sugar coated cereal flakes soaked in creamy mixed berry milk.
Wild Side – Fruity, loopy cereal with a “lemon kick.”


Beach Bum   – A mix of berry and pomegranate with a splash of pineapple.
Betrayal - Simply said… Watermelon explosion! All your other juices will feel betrayed.
Coconut Thai – Coconut with Thai basil and lemongrass.
Daydream - Pineapple guava.
Deception - An exciting melon inhale followed by a smooth melon exhale.
Delusion – Blueberry cool.
The Divi – A blend of melons, cucumber, and hibiscus.

Fearless – Tropical flavor with hints of sweet refreshing cola.
Froot Joose – Fruit punch to perfection.

Fruit Whip   – Tropical fruits, apples, pears, and berries topped with whipped cream.

Green Blast - Sweet honeydew with the tartness of kiwi and a Granny Smith apple.

Honeysuckle Apple Crisp – Fresh green apple with a taste of honeysuckle.

Illuminati – Refreshing blood orange, sweet pineapple and fresh strawberries.
Pearamel – Sugar-torched pears coated in sweet caramel drizzle.
Pomp – Guava and mixed berry cotton candy.
Sex on the Peach – Natural peach flavor blended with sweet mixed berries.
Spirit– Orange cream.

Very Berry - Sweet, fresh blueberries with blackberries and lemon sugar drizzle.

.357– Strawberry and watermelon menthol.
Cool Menthol - A refreshing menthol tobacco flavor.
M.O.A.B Ice - A delicious mixed berry and apple with a menthol kick.
Tropi-Cool - Tart limeade infused with sweet honeydew, succulent peaches and cold ice. 


Dapper (Formerly Simply Custard) – Creamy, vanilla custard. 
Dewberry Cream– Honeydew, mixed berries and cream.
Dream Cream – Vanilla cream with hints of fudge and notes of cinnamon.
Duality – Blueberry muffin.
Eagle Tears - An apple pie with ice cream.
Figment – Graham cracker delight
Flambe - Vanilla Custard w/Caramelized Bananas, strawberries, Butterscotch Rum Syrup.
Fuel – Cinnamon apple.

One Eyed Turtle – Deep fried soft pretzel w/graham crackers and brown sugar.
Queen’s Custard - Rich custard with a nutty twist.
Rage – Cinnamon sugar Danish.
Shock – A vanilla explosion!

Strawberry Shortcake – Strawberry shortcake ice cream bar.
This Love – Mango sticky rice.
Truth - Apple pie with an apple cinnamon filling, buttery crust topped with fresh whipped cream.


Blue Slushee - Refreshing blue raspberry slushy straight from the machine.
Cup O’ Joe – Rich coffee served with a hint of cream.
Fresh – White tea blended with tropical fruit.
Swag – Crisp champagne topped with strawberries and a twist of lime.
Ska Doosh –  Peach tea.
Strawberry Lemonade – Real strawberries with sweet lemonade.
Voodoo – Tropical fruits with lime that will make you think…Baha blast!


Honey Badger – Honey brushed tobacco leaves with smooth cream.
Original Bold - A full-flavored tobacco flavor.
RoYal4 – Caramel and vanilla tobacco infused English toffee and hazelnut.
Vintage – Vanilla, bourbon tobacco.
VCT - Vanilla custard with tobacco and a hint of toasted almond.